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The Scriptorium is my work journal; a place for show and tell.

Entries in The Constant Scribe (9)


Craft Envelopes

Craft envelopes in Jenna Sue script--before the chalk lines have been erased.  These envelopes were done with a brown Micro pen to match the invites.


Mischief Managed

I am a reader and a lover of quotations, so I often choose a word, a phrase, or a quote from a book I'm reading as the subject for my warm-ups.  One of my favorite bits of magic from the Harry Potter series is the Marauder's Map.  To open the map one must say, "I solemnly swear I am up to no good" and to close it takes just two words:  

Other times, I just pull out a phrase as I'm listening to the recorded book:



Hand Lettered Return Addresses

Writing out the same thing 200 times can be, well, boring at times.  It can feel rather tedious and seem to take forever, but there is something strangely satisfying when all those return addresses are lined up, one after another. . .





Martre Envelopes

Last year, I had the great privilege of collaborating with Ryan Basile at Double Trip Press on this exquisite navy and white wedding invitation suite.  Ryan is a letterpress printer extraordinaire and fantastic to work with.  I highly recommend his work.  

*as you can see, I haven't yet removed the chalk lines in this photo*

Follow Ryan and Co. on Instagram @doubletrippress


Rose Gold


A Casual, Modern Script

This script took some practice!  Before I could begin addressing these double envelopes, I had to do some warm ups.  I plugged my earphones into my iPod and cranked up some early Genesis (Selling England by the Pound).  As I listened, I wrote out snatches of lyrics.  And sang along.  Which could have been embarrassing had anyone been around to hear me singing with headphones on. . .

Next, it was time to mix the navy blue gouache.

And finally, I can begin to address those envelopes.  


This was a fun lettering style!  I'm glad I had the chance to spread my wings a little and give this one a go!  If you are interested in this one, it is a hand, pen-lettered script designed to coordinate with the brush script Spring LP.


Envelopes in Waiting


Shimmer and gold


Today is the Day!

The film crew has arrived, the pizzas have been ordered, the cameras and light have been assembled. . .Tribeca Flashpoint College students

Tribeca Flashpoint College Students


Tribeca Flashpoint College students

Student Film Project Calligraphy

 Lights, Cameras, ACTION!