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The Scriptorium is my work journal; a place for show and tell.


A little of this and a little of that!

Color matching can be tricky.  Sometimes it's a simple matter of adding a dab of white to lighten, or black to deepen but most of the time it is a less simple matter of 'a little bit of this and a little bit of that.'  It's exciting when I 'hit it' on the first try but that doesn't happen very often.  Usually, I can get 90-95% there fairly quickly but then I have to make tiny adjustments until I'm happy, all the while taking copious notes.  It can be time consuming but it is a rewarding process.

Today's couples have so many choices!  And color matching is just one of the special services I offer!


Romantic Place cards

These romantic place cards are inspired by Poem Script.  Such a lovely lettering style!


A Fun, New Trend

This year I've enjoyed several guest lists which feature "The Future Mr. and Mrs. . . ."  What a fun way of honoring the engagements of one's friends and building excitement in the engaged couple as they dream about their own wedding invitations arriving at the homes of family and friends!


Elegant and Formal


Hand lettered and hand painted notecards

Personalized note card, hand lettered and hand painted.


Around and around and around we go. . .

This hand lettered script is based on Poem Script.  Poem Script is a stunning Sudtipos font based on an Italian Script that reverses the hairlines (thin strokes) and shades (thick strokes) on some of the capital letters.  This presents a particular challenge to calligraphers and requires turning the work upside down in order to execute the reversed shades.  Since this would be a daunting task when addressing envelopes, the shades are written in their usual position but the elegant charm remains.  


Craft Envelopes

Craft envelopes in Jenna Sue script--before the chalk lines have been erased.  These envelopes were done with a brown Micro pen to match the invites.


Mischief Managed

I am a reader and a lover of quotations, so I often choose a word, a phrase, or a quote from a book I'm reading as the subject for my warm-ups.  One of my favorite bits of magic from the Harry Potter series is the Marauder's Map.  To open the map one must say, "I solemnly swear I am up to no good" and to close it takes just two words:  

Other times, I just pull out a phrase as I'm listening to the recorded book:



Hand Lettered Return Addresses

Writing out the same thing 200 times can be, well, boring at times.  It can feel rather tedious and seem to take forever, but there is something strangely satisfying when all those return addresses are lined up, one after another. . .





More gray

While we're on the subject of gray, here is a cheery lettering style done in gray gouache: