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Titivillus, the old villian. . .

Titivillus made a visit to my studio today.  Two zip codes with transposed numbers, the old devil!

Titivillus was a demon said to work on behalf of BelphegorLucifer or Satan to introduce errors into the work of scribes. The first reference to Titivillus by name occurred in Tractatus de Penitentia, c. 1285, by Johannes Galensis (John of Wales).[3] Titivillus has also been described as collecting idle chat that occurs during church service, and mispronounced, mumbled or skipped words of the service, to take to Hell to be counted against the offenders.

He has been called the "patron demon of scribes," as Titivillus provides an easy excuse for the errors that are bound to creep into manuscripts as they are copied.[4]

He scuttled when I got out my scalpel and eraser. Another project saved from the clutches of that interfering old demon.

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