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The Scriptorium is my work journal; a place for show and tell.


Under Construction!

This week I am updating my website, sorting through pictures, uploading new photos, moving things around a bit, and generally trying to spiff it up!  

All the areas of the website will be functional, but there may be sections that look a little, well, strange until the dust settles.

Thanks for your patience!  


Burgues Script

Wedding Invitation Calligraphy, Chicago Calligrapher


What you might see in a calligrapher's freezer. . .


Simple Labels

Calligraphy Gift


Wedding Vows

Calligraphy Wedding Vows


Citadel envelope in a sunbeam

Envelope Addressing Chicago Calligrapher


Today is the Day!

The film crew has arrived, the pizzas have been ordered, the cameras and light have been assembled. . .Tribeca Flashpoint College students

Tribeca Flashpoint College Students


Tribeca Flashpoint College students

Student Film Project Calligraphy

 Lights, Cameras, ACTION!



Splendid Script

Chicago Calligrapher Wedding Envelope




I'm all of a flutter!  Early in April, a film crew will be descending on my studio to film a short informational video for my website.  One of the crew is a guy I know very well, indeed--my son Sam.

Sam will be graduating from Tribeca Flashpoint College in May and I am fortunate to be the subject of one of his class projects.

I admit I am camera shy--I avoid having my picture taken at all costs--but this is an opportunity that is too good to pass up!

We're in the planning stage right now so I'm reaching out to you, my brides and friends, to hear what YOU would like to see in an informational video.  I've got some ideas of my own, but I'd love to hear from you!

The comment section is open!  Let me know if you have any ideas and by all means, check out the TFC website




Wedding invitations with style!

The Knot has rounded up some trendy invitation motifs in their article, Ways to Embellish your Wedding Invitations.  I've been working with a very fun bride who has embraced 'Go Bold' in a big way!

Wedding Calligraphy Chicago

Mary prefered a very traditional approach to her invitations, but I helped her come up with a subtle way to incorporate her silver sequins motif to make her invitations POP!

Wedding Calligraphy Chicago

"Go Bold or Go Home" or "Less is More"?  It's all in your hands!  Let me help you introduce your style to your guests with the perfectly addressed envelope!