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Monterey Script

I love this flirty, casual, upright script!  Monterey, or Feel Script, has such a light and cheerful look, don't you think?



Top 13 Wedding Color Mistakes

Choosing your color palatte can be a daunting task.  With all the beautiful visual inspiration available on wedding sites and Pinterest, it is easy to become over stimulated, confused, and left with the feeling of wanting to have it all.

Here is a great article from the Knot, 13 Top Wedding Color and Style Mistakes not to Make, that will help guide you past some of the pitfalls that may be lurking out there as you plan the palatte for your wedding day.

As your calligrapher, I found #8 to be particularly helpful:  Not Coordinating Your Paper Elements--The Fix:  Include Your Colors in Your Invitation Suite.

From the Article:

"Your invitations set the stage for the event, so let them introduce your wedding colors and evoke the right tone from the start. Coordinating the invitation colors with those of the wedding can be as easy as choosing a colored font, ribbon or monogram, or as elaborate as layering colored paper. Most importantly: Don’t sacrifice readability for style. That means the type should contrast with the paper, so balance brighter shades with neutrals and avoid light-colored fonts. Bold ink hues like navy and fuchsia work well, and ask your designer about typeface techniques like letterpress or foiling to make your font stand out. Also, consider that invites are a dress code cue for your guests. You wouldn't send out formal ivory cards with black calligraphy unless you're expecting guests to dress black tie for your wedding."

While black ink continues to be the classic, traditional choice for formal weddings, if you have selected a casual, colorful, or whimsical invitation, why not carry that forward to the front of your envelope?  Taking the time to plan your invitation suite--right down to the perfect font, ink, and stamp--can really make your invitation pop!

I can help you with that!  Let's talk!

Whimsical Wedding Envelope Design



Calligraphy is not just for Weddings!

Chicago Calligrapher Birth Announcement

This is my little granddaughter, Annie's, birth announcement.  But change the information and it could be a Wedding Shower invitation, a Rehearsal Dinner invitation, a special note for a special guest.  Chose your colors, lettering style, and motif; from design to print to envelope addressing, your stationary ideas are brought to life through The Constant Scribe!


Popular Metallics

As seen in this post from Style Me Pretty, metallics continue to be popular!  And why not?  A bit of glitter and sparkle has a way of creating sophistication and excitement.  I don't think this trend is going anywhere soon!

From bright, yellow gold to antique gold, from platinum to copper to bronze, I've got the metallic ink to make your calligraphy pop!

 Wedding Calligraphy, gold ink

Antique Gold

 Wedding Calligraphy, Gold ink

Yellow Gold

 Wedding Calligraphy, gold ink

Yellow Gold

Wedding Envelope Calligraphy Modern Whimsical

Iridescent Green

Wedding Calligraphy Table Number

Watercolors with Gold Embellishment

Calligraphy Wedding Envelope



Under Construction!

This week I am updating my website, sorting through pictures, uploading new photos, moving things around a bit, and generally trying to spiff it up!  

All the areas of the website will be functional, but there may be sections that look a little, well, strange until the dust settles.

Thanks for your patience!  


Burgues Script

Wedding Invitation Calligraphy, Chicago Calligrapher


Simple Labels

Calligraphy Gift


Wedding Vows

Calligraphy Wedding Vows


Splendid Script

Chicago Calligrapher Wedding Envelope




I'm all of a flutter!  Early in April, a film crew will be descending on my studio to film a short informational video for my website.  One of the crew is a guy I know very well, indeed--my son Sam.

Sam will be graduating from Tribeca Flashpoint College in May and I am fortunate to be the subject of one of his class projects.

I admit I am camera shy--I avoid having my picture taken at all costs--but this is an opportunity that is too good to pass up!

We're in the planning stage right now so I'm reaching out to you, my brides and friends, to hear what YOU would like to see in an informational video.  I've got some ideas of my own, but I'd love to hear from you!

The comment section is open!  Let me know if you have any ideas and by all means, check out the TFC website