The Scriptorium is my work journal; a place for show and tell.


Quadruple D's x 2

These D's are based on the Bickham Two script and lettered in Silver PearlEx with a bit of MicroPearl PearlEx added to brighten it up.  So hard to capture the silver sheen.

These D's are based on Rook Script and lettered in Ivory Black gouache.

What's your favorite script?  Would you like to see these D's in another script?  Let me know in the comments!


Dusting off an old lettering style. . .

. . .I haven't done in years.  It's just the right style for a poem I will be lettering for an upcoming job.  I'm still struggling a bit with the spacing and letterforms, but with practice, it will come.  You know what they say, "Practice makes perfect!"  Perfection is not the goal in calligraphy, excellence is, so that's what I am striving for--excellence. . .eventually!


Victor Hugo Quote

It is nothing to die, it is frightful not to live.  Victor Hugo, Les Miserables


A Romantic Floral invitation suite

Just look at this gorgeous floral invitation suite!  So romantic--from the script to the roses to the wax seal to the stamp!  The script in this invitation is Adobe's Bickham Two, so I kept to that theme and lettered the envelopes in that script using color matched gouache.  

Renee, the beautiful bride to be, graciously sent me this photo of her wedding invitation suite to share.


All tied up

Today I'm sending off some paper samples to two fellow calligraphers.  This is one of the joys of being part of the calligraphy community--sharing our time, our knowledge, our tools, and our encouragement with each other.  From the most experienced calligraphers to those just picking up the pen for the first time and every step of the way between, we share our love for this craft and each other in tangible ways.  This beautiful hand-dyed silk ribbon was given to me by Joie, the fantastic calligrapher behind Bienfait Calligraphy.  She dyes this ribbon herself--a beautiful addition to her calligraphy toolbox.  And so, when I had the opportunity to share one of my favorite papers with a couple of callifriends, Joie's gift to me came to mind.  Passing on a blessing that was given to you allows you to enjoy the blessing twice!  Pass it on!


Sometimes. . .

. . .it's all about the stamp.


Titivillus, the old villian. . .

Titivillus made a visit to my studio today.  Two zip codes with transposed numbers, the old devil!

Titivillus was a demon said to work on behalf of BelphegorLucifer or Satan to introduce errors into the work of scribes. The first reference to Titivillus by name occurred in Tractatus de Penitentia, c. 1285, by Johannes Galensis (John of Wales).[3] Titivillus has also been described as collecting idle chat that occurs during church service, and mispronounced, mumbled or skipped words of the service, to take to Hell to be counted against the offenders.

He has been called the "patron demon of scribes," as Titivillus provides an easy excuse for the errors that are bound to creep into manuscripts as they are copied.[4]

He scuttled when I got out my scalpel and eraser. Another project saved from the clutches of that interfering old demon.


A little of this and a little of that!

Color matching can be tricky.  Sometimes it's a simple matter of adding a dab of white to lighten, or black to deepen but most of the time it is a less simple matter of 'a little bit of this and a little bit of that.'  It's exciting when I 'hit it' on the first try but that doesn't happen very often.  Usually, I can get 90-95% there fairly quickly but then I have to make tiny adjustments until I'm happy, all the while taking copious notes.  It can be time consuming but it is a rewarding process.

Today's couples have so many choices!  And color matching is just one of the special services I offer!


Romantic Place cards

These romantic place cards are inspired by Poem Script.  Such a lovely lettering style!


A Fun, New Trend

This year I've enjoyed several guest lists which feature "The Future Mr. and Mrs. . . ."  What a fun way of honoring the engagements of one's friends and building excitement in the engaged couple as they dream about their own wedding invitations arriving at the homes of family and friends!