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Envelopes in Citadel Script

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To Save an Envelope

There is nothing more frustrating than to discover small errors when proofreading finished envelopes.  Thankfully, though, most of the time small errors can be repaired and the envelope saved.  I'll show you step by step how I do it:

In this case, I've misspelled the last name.  Tushscherer should be Tuchscherer, so the 's' has got to go and it must be replaced with a 'c'.

The first thing is to gently shave the letter off the paper using a curved exacto blade.

Like so:

After brushing away the fibers, it doesn't look to good, does it?

This is what it looks like after the Pentel Hypereraser does its magic!

There's still a bit of a smudge we'll have to take care of, though.  Bring on the Staedler Mars Plastic eraser!

Last step is to gently burnish the spot to get the disturbed surface of the paper ready to receive ink.  I use a piece of glassine paper and a bone folder to gently rub over the surface.

Now it's ready to be lettered over!

Voila!  Only your calligrapher knows for sure!  ; )

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