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New toys!

I got a shipment of supplies from John Neal today!  Getting a shipment from John Neal is usually a little like Christmas because I always try to buy myself a new little toy to play with.  This time I ordered a sample pot of Twinkling H2O's.  They're just $2.00 for a pot, but you have to take whatever color they send you.  Lucky me!  I got a pot of Indian Copper, a lovely glittering copper.

I played around with it a little bit with the pointed pen, adding distilled water and mixing it right in the pot with my brush, then painting it on to the nib.  It wasn't too hard to get the right consistency for lettering.

Couldn't get a very good picture but maybe you can see a bit of the twinkle. . .


The Business of Thanksgiving

John Neal Bookseller.  If you're a calligrapher, I'm sure you know why I'm thankful for John and his great company.  Not only can you find just about anything you need, there are tips and testimonials and guidance is available if you need it.  The service is FANTASTIC and fast!

John Neal Bookseller:  My personal Wish Book!!