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The Scriptorium is my work journal; a place for show and tell.


Christmas Card 2009

Calligraphy Christmas Card

7 x 3 1/2 inches

Embossed, Deckle Edge

Gothicized Italic


Winsor and Newton, Mistletoe Green, Alizarin Red, Gold



My goal was to get all the Christmas orders done and in the mail no later than December 15th.  I finished up the last two that need to be sent through the mail today, so I hit my target.  Now I can buckle down and finish my own Christmas projects and if I'm lucky, I'll be able to design our Christmas cards and get them in the mail by Friday. That's a tall order, but I'll give it a go!


Wow! Christmas came early!

My neighbors, Michael and Sharon, are both wonderful, accomplished artists.  Their medium of choice is oils but they are trained in all mediums and are a wealth of information; being entirely self-taught,  if I've got a question or a problem, I've got a great resource right next door.

I was talking to Sharon about mixing colors and clean up of nibs and brushes--basically picking her brain.  Long story short:  About 10 minutes after I hung up the phone, here comes Michael to the back door with an armful of art supplies--a HUGE assortment of watercolors, gouache, brushes, and Derwent  pencils.  He even brought over a watercolor palette the likes of which I have never seen and his favorite water color mixing tool--an old porcelain meat tray.

Derwent Watercolor Pencils


Watercolors and Gouache

WOW!  I am totally overwhelmed with all these new 'toys'  but even moreso by the kind generosity of my wonderful neighbors.

A good neighbor is a good thing.  A good friend who lives next door is a blessing beyond measure.



Black and Gold Calligraphy





Glorious Sunshine


Flowers for Friends

Labels in Calligrphy


New toys!

I got a shipment of supplies from John Neal today!  Getting a shipment from John Neal is usually a little like Christmas because I always try to buy myself a new little toy to play with.  This time I ordered a sample pot of Twinkling H2O's.  They're just $2.00 for a pot, but you have to take whatever color they send you.  Lucky me!  I got a pot of Indian Copper, a lovely glittering copper.

I played around with it a little bit with the pointed pen, adding distilled water and mixing it right in the pot with my brush, then painting it on to the nib.  It wasn't too hard to get the right consistency for lettering.

Couldn't get a very good picture but maybe you can see a bit of the twinkle. . .


The Business of Thanksgiving

I'm awaiting word about whether or not  I have permission to use some copywrited material from a very popular modern author.  I contacted her literary agent with a letter of explanation of what I would like to do and for what purpose and figured it would likely be months before I received an answer and that the answer would most likely be 'No.'

Within five short days, I received an answer.  I learned from the representative from the office of the literary agent that they are not in the position to grant or deny my request, however, she did send me all the information I need to pursue my request through the proper channels and wished me well in my new business.

I was totally blown away by the swiftness of the response and the kindness and generosity of the person who responded on behalf of the literary agent and, by extension, the author.

I'm thankful for busy, professional people who take the time to respond to and encourage the little people like me who are just starting out in small business.


The Business of Thanksgiving

The sun is streaming through the windows in my studio.  The pens and brushes are standing at attention in their jars, and the light is glinting off them merrily--a visual invitation to come, sit down and play.

The bed is not made, I haven't had breakfast, I need to sort laundry; so many morning tasks remain.

I think I'll get off the computer and get busy.  The sunshine will have moved on, but its bright, inviting image will remain, calling me to 'come and play.'

I'm thankful that my work feels like play.

What are you thankful for?  Be sure to stop by Rebecca Writes and see what others are thankful for!

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