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Master Calligrapher Paul Antonio

Here's a great video of Paul Antonio, a master calligrapher, featured in The UK Guardian online.

What a remarkable talent!


Where has the time gone?

It's been since January 5th?  I've been busy but I haven't taken the time to upload more images.  Maybe next week.


WIP: Trial Layout


Walnut ink

Here's a piece I'm working on. This is the first layout. I thought it might be fun to post up images as I go through the process. There are a few things I know I am going to stick with--the focus words will be 'BE' and 'A GOOD MAN.' I like the way it forms a sentence that summarizes the idea in the quote. I'm also going to stick with the signature--I researched his signature and 'copied' it.

Eventually, it will be finished in gouache, and I'll be adding some color. I've thought about changing the hand. I've thought about switching from a formal arrangement to an informal one. I've thought about doing an illuminated letter. I've thought about adding a vine border. I'm still thinking.

I'm walking away from it now and I'll look at it again tomorrow.  Have an opinion or suggestion?  Leave it in the comments!


winter blues


Hastily lettered over random test sheets of watercolor.


Playing with Zigs

 My son's bedroom is right below my studio and when he's home, I can hear his music drifting up.  He's been listening to the Beatles today. . .

All You Need is Love Calligraphy



And in the End Beatles Calligraphy



Carolingian miniscule--practice

la caroline script calligraphy


Family Christmas Card 2009

Card front:  Hand painted using Derwent water color pencils, embellished with silver pen

Inside card

(First stanza of the Christmas hymn "As with Gladness Men of Old" by William C. Dix, 1851


Christmas Card 2009

Calligraphy Christmas Card

7 x 3 1/2 inches

Embossed, Deckle Edge

Gothicized Italic


Winsor and Newton, Mistletoe Green, Alizarin Red, Gold



My goal was to get all the Christmas orders done and in the mail no later than December 15th.  I finished up the last two that need to be sent through the mail today, so I hit my target.  Now I can buckle down and finish my own Christmas projects and if I'm lucky, I'll be able to design our Christmas cards and get them in the mail by Friday. That's a tall order, but I'll give it a go!


Wow! Christmas came early!

My neighbors, Michael and Sharon, are both wonderful, accomplished artists.  Their medium of choice is oils but they are trained in all mediums and are a wealth of information; being entirely self-taught,  if I've got a question or a problem, I've got a great resource right next door.

I was talking to Sharon about mixing colors and clean up of nibs and brushes--basically picking her brain.  Long story short:  About 10 minutes after I hung up the phone, here comes Michael to the back door with an armful of art supplies--a HUGE assortment of watercolors, gouache, brushes, and Derwent  pencils.  He even brought over a watercolor palette the likes of which I have never seen and his favorite water color mixing tool--an old porcelain meat tray.

Derwent Watercolor Pencils


Watercolors and Gouache

WOW!  I am totally overwhelmed with all these new 'toys'  but even moreso by the kind generosity of my wonderful neighbors.

A good neighbor is a good thing.  A good friend who lives next door is a blessing beyond measure.