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Nobody likes surprises. . .

. . .well, nobody likes surprises when they come in the form of hidden fees that can blow your wedding budget to smithereens.

If you are planning your wedding, The Knot has a great article, Watch Out for these 10 Hidden Wedding Costs, that can help you avoid going over budget.

The worst thing about hidden fees is just that, they are hidden. That's why, when brides come to me for a quote, I gather as much information as I can about their job before I make up a quote for them so that I can be as accurate as possible.  There is no 'one size fits all quote' for calligraphy services so my quotes are broken down so that every charge is seen and explained and there are no hidden charges.

I don't like surprises like that and neither do you.  And that is why the client questionnaire I send out is so important and why I take the time to ask the questions to understand the in's and out's of your invitation suite and envelopes.  I don't like to get surprised with opaque envelopes when I was expecting white, a last minute change of mind regarding centered lines of address, or unexpected specialty paper.  These are schedule busters for me that can create a time crunch and budget busters for you when I have to charge more for unexpected or previously unasked for services.

There's an easy way to avoid these budget busters--do business with vendors like me who take the time to ask the right questions, explain their quotes, and provide their policies.  

There are no silly questions so ask a lot of them!  Let's talk!

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