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Wow! Christmas came early!

My neighbors, Michael and Sharon, are both wonderful, accomplished artists.  Their medium of choice is oils but they are trained in all mediums and are a wealth of information; being entirely self-taught,  if I've got a question or a problem, I've got a great resource right next door.

I was talking to Sharon about mixing colors and clean up of nibs and brushes--basically picking her brain.  Long story short:  About 10 minutes after I hung up the phone, here comes Michael to the back door with an armful of art supplies--a HUGE assortment of watercolors, gouache, brushes, and Derwent  pencils.  He even brought over a watercolor palette the likes of which I have never seen and his favorite water color mixing tool--an old porcelain meat tray.

Derwent Watercolor Pencils


Watercolors and Gouache

WOW!  I am totally overwhelmed with all these new 'toys'  but even moreso by the kind generosity of my wonderful neighbors.

A good neighbor is a good thing.  A good friend who lives next door is a blessing beyond measure.

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