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The Business of Thanksgiving

I'm awaiting word about whether or not  I have permission to use some copywrited material from a very popular modern author.  I contacted her literary agent with a letter of explanation of what I would like to do and for what purpose and figured it would likely be months before I received an answer and that the answer would most likely be 'No.'

Within five short days, I received an answer.  I learned from the representative from the office of the literary agent that they are not in the position to grant or deny my request, however, she did send me all the information I need to pursue my request through the proper channels and wished me well in my new business.

I was totally blown away by the swiftness of the response and the kindness and generosity of the person who responded on behalf of the literary agent and, by extension, the author.

I'm thankful for busy, professional people who take the time to respond to and encourage the little people like me who are just starting out in small business.

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That is encouraging to read. If all "big guys" would act like us "little guys", the world would be a more personal place. Thanks for sharing that.

November 14, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterLisa notes...

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