Traditional Sets

White or cream translucent envelopes

Inner and outer                   

$4.25 per set

Outer only                            

$3.75 each

A minimum of 10% extra envelopes required.

Return address, three lines per address                  

$2.75 each

Custom mixed ink/gouache                                  

$10 per 100

Metallic ink                                                            

$20 per 100

*Some envelopes, such as dark, opaque, silver, lined, or textured present unique challenges and require additional preparation before lettering  and may incur additional charges.  Some papers are simply impossible to letter upon with pen and ink and for these a standard writing instrument must be used.  Please check with your printer/stationer before ordering.


Place Cards/Seating Cards/Table Cards

Traditional  place cards/seating cards (client provides)

Name only per card                       


2 sided per card                            

$2.25 (name on front, table assignment on back)

Table Cards                                   

$7.50 and up.  Request an estimate.

*I also offer unique, custom place cards and table cards.  Call for an estimate.      

Seating Charts


Design fee $50 and up.  $1.50 per name.

*additional fee for mounting and/or framing for easel display.  A combination of hand lettering and typeface can be used to reduce cost.  I will work with your budget!



Design fee $50 and up.

Individual menus            

Design fee $50 and up.  

Programs/Invitations/Birth announcements

Design Fee         

$50 and up.  Additional charges for printing, construction, and assembly.  A combination of hand lettering and typeface is also offered to reduce overall cost.


Certificate per name                                        

$3.00 (client provided)

Additional lines                                                

$1.50 per line

Design Services:  Request a Quote

Logo design--$300 and up 


      Paper treatment (spray fixative/gum sandarac, heat seal, etc.)      

Assembling envelope sets                          

$.75 per set

Affixing postage                                              

$.15 per set


$.50 per set (client provided embosser)